What Are the Water Softener Alternatives?

Fleck Water SoftenerHard water is a pressing problem among homeowners. They don’t feel safe about the water they are drinking much to the water they are using.  Knowledge of the secondary standards for hard water would remind us of the measures to include the taste, odor, color, corrosively, foaming, and staining properties of water.  Not to mention the results of research about the correlation of hard water consumption to the mortality caused by cardiovascular conditions. I suppose we change our minds and ask, what are the water softener alternatives that you know?

Well, there are a good number of water softener alternatives that promise almost the same benefits and value.

  1. Eddy Electronic Descaler- Water Softener Alternative. This has been known for cost efficiency, eco-friendly performance, and energy efficiency. Its process of reducing the effects of calcium, magnesium and even manganese ions in the hard water is through electromagnetic waves. This softener has a unique way of reducing the bad effect on humans in the hard water without disturbing the chemical hardness of the water. It offers a lifetime warranty and a 12-month satisfaction guarantee.
  2. Fleck 5600 SXT on Demand 48,000 Grain Water Softener. This has been patronized by a small family in many places. It can only accommodate to process around 11-20 grains per gallon of hardness. This is a digital six metered whole house system which can be installed without seeking help from experts.  Any household members other than children can install this softener.
  3. Clearwve CW-125 Salt-Free Electonic Water Conditioner. A good number of users have been patronizing this product attributed to its affordability, no salt requirement, and its installer-friendly attributes. This manages a flow rate of 28 gallons per minute with a maximum capacity of 3000mAh. This is offered with a limited warranty but can work well in both hot and cold water system.

4. Morton Salt MSD34C System Saver Water Softener. This softener has the capacity of 34,000 grain which makes this unit ideal for big families. This has been claimed as the second largest from among the alternative softener. It a relatively big size and weight enough to hold the capacity of 34,000 grains. This is known of its efficiency in removing up to 5,120 grains per pound with the minimum doses of 2.6. Known for its technology of saving salt. The good news is, this can be installed in 30 minutes.

  1. Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 10000 Grains Portable Water Softener. The most convenient alternative softener ever sold in the market today. It has the capacity of 2 boxes of table salt in 20 minutes



Of the five top most endorsed alternative water softener sold in the market today, what are the water softener alternatives that you know which many homeowners and household members find efficient in terms of cost and benefits? Water filter mag is also a great source to know the alternatives.

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