Taking Care of Men’s Hair

Well, not only my home but my hair is also important to me. We do review hairstyles and the tools to be used at home in our post!

As I have mentioned in the ” Men`s Hair Care” article that having your hair cut by yourself at home is the common trend nowadays. Therefore, I have شallotted this article to illustrate you the needed tools to cut your hair at home easily and professionally. This article shall show you the different tools and equipment with their different uses and features including clippers, scissors, fair spray…etc.


First, you have to differentiate between the haircutting scissors and the cloth cutting scissors. The haircutting scissors are designed particularly for styling and they are available cheaply in the markets. Make sure that you are choosing a high-quality scissors so that you can use them correctly and get your hairstyle. There are three different thinning scissors you have to distinguish before start cutting- deciding a certain one depends on the hairstyle you have adopted.

-Blending scissors: This type of scissor tends to be used with thick and coarse hair. Therefore, if your hair is of great volume and texturing, this thinning scissors fit you and help you apply your intended hairstyle quickly because it gives you the opportunity to cut a thick strand of your hair in just one cut.

-Chunking hair scissors: This type of hair is great to remove the chunks of the hair. Again, if your hair is thick and bulky, this kind of thinning scissor is going your best partner of any hairstyling.

-Finishing hair scissors: This type of scissor remove less hair than the above types though it contains more teeth than they do. Therefore, the cutting process takes more time with this scissor for you will need to make more than one pass on the hair to get your requested style.

Finally, you could choose the one that fits your hair and the style you want to apply, but make sure that you have chosen a sharp scissor that help you in the cut rather than damage your hair. I always recommend the stainless steel scissors for you will guarantee the longevity of your tool and the quality of the cut.


One of the best technologies in the men hairstyling world is Clipper technology for it has kept men time and money and provided them with amazing hairstyles that fit the different tastes and styles. Therefore, experts have developed this technique over time to get much more satisfying features and results. Here are some tips on how to use clippers in its proper way.

-As with any hairstyling tool, wet your hair with water or even some hair spray so that the cutting process would go smoothly and easily.

-Divide your hair into sections, so that you can control your hair.

-Hold your clipper against the hair. The use of the comb is necessary here for it will help you guide the hair upward against the head and towards the clipper.

-The clipper movement should be against the direction of the hair.

-The effective way of using the clipper is to use it at its average speed. Never force it through the hair.

-Be careful of switching off, or increasing the speed whilst the clipper is the hair; that would harm you and sometimes might cause electrical problems.

-If your hair is a little bit longer and you believe it is difficult for the clipper to do it while the hair is flat, so your comb or fingers gonna be perfect to help you hold the hair upward toward the clipper.

-In a nutshell,  make your final touches with the clipper only that you want to shave the nape or the sideburns; that goes up to you.

In the search of a professional hair clipper, look for some certain features like the motor speed, the type of hair it goes through, light-or-heavy, loud-or-silent, stays cool or heats and how it goes in your hand; I mean does it fit your thumb.

Hair spray!

Is one of the wet tools that help in the haircutting process. Hairspray increases the hair shine and volume, so it is always recommended to use for both men and women. However, hair stylists and experts have put some precautions for hair spray for the chemical products it is made of. Along with other types, hair spray has been categorized into different types and uses.  Hair sprays differ in their brand in terms of the amount of hold and volume the product provides. The main ingredient you have to look for when buying this product is the silicon amount.

How to use hairspray?

Hair spray main task is to provide your hair with a pretty volume, so keep in mind to use the battle in a proper way to gain the best results. The best way of using hair spray correctly is to head the hair spray bottle far away from the head. This step, besides protecting your eyes, protects your hair not stick together. While you spray the liquid, use your other hand to apart the hair strands with your fingers; that would help to expand the liquid among all your hair strands.


-Spraying the liquid onto your scalp especially if you have a sensitive one.

-Repeating the process of spraying more than once because the hair spray is already strong and does not need more than one pass.

-Heating your hair with any hot hairstyling tool after applying the spray because that would a crunchy feel for your hair and it would be difficult to get rid of it even after a shower.

-Spraying the liquid onto the frontier hair strands because that would harm your eyes, so it is preferable to put some spray on your fingers and spread it on those strands.

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