How to install a Shower Head?

Rain-shower-headWe always feel like replacing the shower head after a few years of installing it and the reasons behind this are many like you want a new different style show head. Or the one that you are already having is not able to dispense water properly due to some internal problem or it could even be that you are in love with the head shower that you saw in your colleagues’ bathroom. Let the reason behind your wish to install a new shower head be whatsoever. Here are a few things for you to do before you embark on this task. These are very simple. Have a look at these 4 steps to understand them better.

  1. Firstly, you will have to make sure that the shower arm is in good condition or do you want to replace that as well. It should also match with the look and finish of the new showerhead that you are going to install. If you are fine with the existing one, then start with the installation of a new shower head.
  2. The next step is you need to wrap the thread seal tape to the shower arm’s base.
  3. Now, place the shower head in position and start turning it, till it gets placed correctly. Make sure that you are not making it too tight; else it will get damaged very fast.
  4. If you are going for a handheld showerhead, then you need not have to use the thread seal tape at the base of the shower arm. You can directly thread it inside the shower arm.

Nowadays, handheld showerheads are more in use, as its installation does not require more time and usage is also easy. You will be able to move it as per your requirement, which is not possible with a wall mounted shower head. So, choose the one that suits your daily requirement and your budget.



After the installation is done, the work is not complete yet. Once the installation is done, you need to open the shower water toshower-heads check for any kind of leakage. If the water is not leaking, then it is good to go. But if it is leaking, then you should make sure that you are re-tightening the shower head near the shower arm. If the problem is still persisting, then you should remove the shower head and make sure that the thread seal tape is wrapped properly, failing which there are chances of water leakage. Apply 5 to 6 rounds of thread seal tape to the shower arm base.

This is a very simple process and can be done by yourself at home. You don’t need to spend money on its installation. All you will need is a good and a new shower head and thread seal tape of good quality. You will need a new shower arm pipe and putty to seal the wall, in case you are going for replacing the shower arm as well.

What Are The Most Energy Efficient Heaters?

energy efficient space heatersDon’t get wrong with the designs and the colors of the space heaters in the market today.  Value your money. Buy the space heaters that are worth your money. Try asking yourself; what are the most energy efficient heaters?

Space heaters come in different types and decide which one is the most energy efficient.

First, on the row are the ceramic space heaters. These come in ceramic plates and aluminum baffles. They have a built-in fan that will spread the warmth around the room.  The good thing with these types is their capacity to give heat enough for the small room or space of your rooms.

Next to this is the oil filled space heaters.

The good thing with this type is its low maintenance feature. Low maintenance because wattage requirement is only low.  Despite this low wattage requirement, the space of the room is still covered by the warmth needed. It has a heating range of 40 sq. ft to 100 sq. ft.  What else this heater offers to customers? Generally, this is safe for children and even pets. There is no danger for the possible damage because no coils are exposed nor the flames. It is built by the enclosure of the house that accommodates the oil which keeps the temperature of the heat consistent.

Third is the radiant space heater.

This heater offers a great advantage to those people who lack the patience to wait for them to heat themselves. This heater automatically releases heat upon turning on the unit. No delays, no waiting. Just turn it on and heat is given off at the most focused means. Ideally best for heating people and object due to its more focused heat. Also, this accommodates heat at a range of 80 sq. ft to 1,000 sq. ft

Last option of the four types of the heater is the micathermic. This is an outbreak of hybrid radiant and convection heating techniques.  This does not overheat which makes it ideal for longer use. Safe for the household to sleep soundly at night.



Now, of the four types of the space heater, what are the most energy efficient heaters?

Simply illustrated this way. Of the four types, two are considered energy efficient. We mean by energy efficient heaters when they give the warmth that is needed in the room without spending a lot of money in paying off for the bill consumption. Let us recall.

The oil filled space heater has a low wattage requirement but warms all the space that needs them. Take your stand also with ceramic space heaters. The ceramic plates are responsible for sustaining heat in the room by its convection.

If you will ask me now, what are the most energy efficient space heaters?  Practically, the ceramic space heaters and the oil filled heaters. These two of the four types have the capacity to supply enough warmth in the room with spending a larger amount of wattage. These two are low maintenance, henceforth energy efficient heaters.

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Looking for a Fire Resistant Safe?

fire-proof-gun-safeWhen choosing to buy a gun safe, there are a number of quality options available that can suit many requirements. Fire resistant or fireproof safes are a type of gun safes increasingly becoming more popular. As the name suggests, these safes keep the gun, the ammunition, and any other contents protected from a fire outbreak.

It is quite important to choose a gun safe which is fire resistant. Statistics states that the fire department in the US responds to a fire emergency once every 19 seconds and as such, valuables and guns should be protected from fire in addition to protection from theft.

Gun owners and enthusiasts looking for the best gun safe should also consider other features of the safe such as the degree of tolerance to fire, the capacity, the mechanism of the lock featured and also consider the manufacturing brand.

We shall be taking a look at some of the best and highly rated fireproof gun safe reviews so as to help you better in your endeavors.

 Here We Listed Some of the Featured Safes in the Market!

  1. Stack-On Big Safes

This fire resistant safe from Stack-On is a fully convertible gun safe which features an electronic lock. This safe features a capacity or size of 22 guns that can accommodate both rifles and shotguns beside each other. The Stack-On safe also meets regulations issued by the California penal code and has a dual way locking 1-inch steel bolts. The safe also features carpets on the interiors and comes with a limited three-year warranty.

While this fireproof model has received a lot of positive feedback, it does suffer from some drawbacks. The battery life of the safe is far from impressive and many individuals may also require some customization work on the interiors as there are no shelves provided. Having taking everything into consideration, this model is surprisingly affordable and is a top rated fireproof gun safe.

  1. LockState Brand Fire Resistant Safes

The LS-30D from LockState is a high-quality fireproof safe which features a full one-hour protection from fire and has an electronic lock of the thumb throw type. Locking bolts are both moving and stationary and the lock also features a handle latch. The key combination can include 3 to 8 digits and there is also a 5 minutes hold time in case an incorrect combination is keyed in. This safe is meant to be used for handguns and pistols and carries a one year warranty.

While the LS-30D reveal it to be a highly affordable budget fireproof gun safe, the very discerning customer will notice that the bolting mechanism is not as great as the higher end safes. However, this model is good to withstand most attacks by tools and proves to be a great fireproof budget gun safe.

  1. Stack-On Fire Safes

The Stack-On 24 is a fireproof gun safe with a capacity of holding 12 firearms or 24 shotguns and rifles. The safe features 4 fully adjustable shelves and is carpeted internally. The safe meets the regulations and is approved by the California penal code. This safe features a four-way locking mechanism with 8 points for locking using 3 dead bolts. It is fire resistant for half an hour up to 1400F. This safe comes with a limited three-year warranty.

This safe is quite popular and there are very few shortcomings if any. The only gripe that people may have is that the safe may not adequately hold 24 guns without everything getting slightly cramped up. In any case, this safe is quite affordable and is considered among one of the best in the market.

  1. Stack-On with Combination Lock

This fireproof safe from Stack-On features a combination lock and has a capacity of holding 24 rifles and shotguns or 12 full firearms. This safe is tested to be resistant against fire up to 1400F for half an hour. The 3 number combination works on a two-way lock featuring three 1 inch locking bolts and two dead bolts. The product carries a limited lifetime guarantee and a limited five-year warranty.

While this safe is quite sturdy and is very reasonably priced, the smoothness and the tightness of the bearings are much better in higher end safes. Even then, the Stack-On FS-24 proves to be a quite reliable and also popular model.

  1. Stack-On E-029-SB-C Elite Executive Fire Safe

The E-029 fireproof gun safe from Stack-On features a combination lock and is of premium grade quality. The safe has a capacity of housing 29 weapons and also features two internal adjustable shelves. The 3 number combination lock featured works on a four-way locking system featuring 10 locking points using 1.5-inch locking bolts. The safe is resistant to fire for half an hour up to 1400F and carries a limited lifetime guarantee and a limited five-year warranty.

This gun safe has received rave reviews from different customers all over and is a very high-quality model. While the ease of use of the lock may not be as smooth as some of the more expensive safes, the product is definitely highly reliable.

  1. First Alert Waterproof Safe

The 2096DF gun safe from First Alert is fire resistant as well as water resistant and features a digital lock with a manual override key. The safe is built to be resistant to fires up to 1700F for an hour. This safe measures 19.69 inches by 13.5 inches by 13.88 inches and also has an adjustable shelf. The product carries a five-year limited warranty and also features an after fire replacement lifetime warranty.

This is one of the most popular safe and highly sought after. However, some of the very discerning people may find the quality of the digital keypad to be slightly lower than expected. This safe has received only positive ratings and is highly recommended.


Why should I choose a Fireproof Safe for my Home?

Gun enthusiasts are always urged to take good care of their guns and to prevent unauthorized access and use. While both of these can be achieved using a standard gun safe, it is also quite important to consider fire resistant gun safes.

Fire outbreaks are quite common and in case a gun safe is caught in one, the ammunition and the firearms should be protected till the fire can be extinguished. When looking to purchase a fireproof safe, make sure to check the reliability of the safe, which is usually mentioned in the specifications as to whether the safe meets safety regulations and also the limit of resistance of the safe to fire.

Typical things to consider in a fireproof safe include the following:

  • The fire endurance rating of the safe
  • The type of insulation from fire
  • The thickness of the fire insulation

Fireproof gun safes are typically secure and most of them need to be clamped down to the floor. While these fire resistant safes were more expensive in the past, there are a number of budget friendly and affordable safes in the market today. Beginner models can start off at a price of less than $200 while the high end models reach the $1000 mark.


The Bottom Line

Gun enthusiasts who are looking for the best fireproof safe have a number of options laid out in front of them. After taking a look at the fireproof gun safe reviews, customers will need to carefully go through the specifications in order to determine which model suits their individual requirements the best. While many customers prefer going for a standard gun safe, a fireproof safe provides a huge benefit in case of an accidental fire outbreak. Firearms need to be kept well protected from all types of intrusions and disasters and fireproof or fire resistant gun safes do make sense over standard safes.