How to install a Shower Head?

Rain-shower-headWe always feel like replacing the shower head after a few years of installing it and the reasons behind this are many like you want a new different style show head. Or the one that you are already having is not able to dispense water properly due to some internal problem or it could even be that you are in love with the head shower that you saw in your colleagues’ bathroom. Let the reason behind your wish to install a new shower head be whatsoever. Here are a few things for you to do before you embark on this task. These are very simple. Have a look at these 4 steps to understand them better.

  1. Firstly, you will have to make sure that the shower arm is in good condition or do you want to replace that as well. It should also match with the look and finish of the new showerhead that you are going to install. If you are fine with the existing one, then start with the installation of a new shower head.
  2. The next step is you need to wrap the thread seal tape to the shower arm’s base.
  3. Now, place the shower head in position and start turning it, till it gets placed correctly. Make sure that you are not making it too tight; else it will get damaged very fast.
  4. If you are going for a handheld showerhead, then you need not have to use the thread seal tape at the base of the shower arm. You can directly thread it inside the shower arm.

Nowadays, handheld showerheads are more in use, as its installation does not require more time and usage is also easy. You will be able to move it as per your requirement, which is not possible with a wall mounted shower head. So, choose the one that suits your daily requirement and your budget.



After the installation is done, the work is not complete yet. Once the installation is done, you need to open the shower water toshower-heads check for any kind of leakage. If the water is not leaking, then it is good to go. But if it is leaking, then you should make sure that you are re-tightening the shower head near the shower arm. If the problem is still persisting, then you should remove the shower head and make sure that the thread seal tape is wrapped properly, failing which there are chances of water leakage. Apply 5 to 6 rounds of thread seal tape to the shower arm base.

This is a very simple process and can be done by yourself at home. You don’t need to spend money on its installation. All you will need is a good and a new shower head and thread seal tape of good quality. You will need a new shower arm pipe and putty to seal the wall, in case you are going for replacing the shower arm as well.

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