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  • Terms and Conditions of RayooTech

    1. Use of the Site

    By accessing the Site, you are consenting to the information collection and use practices described in this Privacy Statement. The materials on this Web site are provided by RayooTech Co., Ltd. as a service to its shareholders, customers, employees and other interested persons and may be used for informational, non-commercial purposes only. You should assume that everything you see or read on the Site is copyrighted and may not be used except as provided in these Terms and Conditions or in the text on the Site without the express written permission of RayooTech.

    2. Not Legal Advice

    Content is not intended to and does not constitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed. While every effort is made by RayooTech to ensure the accuracy of information available on these pages, RayooTech or any of its associates or employees shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies of any nature whatever in the information contained herein or for interpretations thereof. The accuracy, completeness, adequacy or currency of the Content is not warranted or guaranteed. Your use of Content on this Web Site or materials linked from this Web Site is at your own risk.

    3. Trademarks & Logos

    The trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed on the Site are registered and common law Trademarks of RayooTech. Nothing contained on the Site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the Site without the written permission of RayooTech or such third party that may own the Trademarks displayed on the Site. You agree that the Content and Web Site are protected by copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents or other proprietary rights and laws. Your use of the Trademarks displayed on the Site, or any other content on the Site, is strictly prohibited. You are also advised that RayooTech will aggressively enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including the seeking of criminal prosecution.

    4. Link to Third Party Sites

    This Website may contain links to websites controlled by parties other than RayooTech. RayooTech is not responsible for and does not endorse or accept any responsibility for the contents or use of these third party websites. The links are only provided as a convenience and RayooTech does not endorse any of these sites. It is your responsibility to take precautions to ensure that whatever you select for your use is free of viruses or other items of a destructive nature.

    5. Link from Third Party Sites

    RayooTech prohibits unauthorized links to the site and the framing of any information contained on the site or any portion of the site. RayooTech reserves the right to disable any unauthorized links or frames. And RayooTech has no responsibility or liability for any material on other Web sites that may contain links to this Site..

    6. Disputes

    This Privacy Statement or any behavior relating to the use of this Site shall be governed by the laws of People's Republic of China. Any dispute arising therefrom shall be settled through friendly negotiations. Should no settlement be reached through negotiation, you agree that the case shall be submitted for judgement to the People's Court where the principal business address of RayooTech is located.

    7. Privacy

    Protecting the privacy of our clients and users of our Sites is important to RayooTech. The RayooTech Privacy Policy describes how we use and protect information you provide to us.

    8. Security

    Data transmitted to and from RayooTech client Sites is encrypted for the user's protection. However, the security of information transmitted through the Internet can never be guaranteed. RayooTech is not responsible for any interception or interruption of any communications through the Internet or for changes to or losses of data. User is responsible for maintaining the security of any password, user ID, or other form of authentication involved in obtaining access to password protected or secure areas of RayooTech sites. In order to protect you and your data, RayooTech may suspend your use of a client site, without notice, pending an investigation, if any breach of security is suspected.

    9. Limitation of Liability

    Under no circumstances shall RayooTech be liable for any damages suffered by you, including any incidental, special or consequential damages (including, without limitation, any lost profits or damages for business interruption, loss of information, programs or other data) That result from access to, use of, or inability to use this site or due to any breach of security associated with the transmission of information through the internet, even if RayooTech was advised of the possibility of such damages.

    10. Revisions Clause

    RayooTech may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this posting. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then current Terms and Conditions to which you are bound.

    11. Contact

    You can contact us at info@rayootech.com

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