Guide to Buy a Wine Cooler

There may come a point when your enjoyment with wine could turn into a hobby of wine collecting. It may just happen when you are at a winery tour or festival and have discovered a wonderful wine that it made you decide to bring home some. Or, just perhaps a great neighbor decided to move out of town and decided to give you some, saying “I want you to take these, I can’t bring them all with me.” Either ways, your wine collecting days now begins.

wine cooling

Every type of wine ages and tastes best when kept and served at a certain temperature. Once you’ve had several bottles with you, you will have to know how to store them properly. Some of us are just lucky enough to have cool areas around the home where you can store them like the basement with right humidity level and temperature. But for the rest of us, our best option is to buy a wine refrigerator which will keep our wines at 55 °F.

There are many types of wine coolers, from small to large sized units. As a novice collector, it is important that you know some of the factors to consider when choosing the proper wine cooler for your home.


Wine coolers are not cheap. Even the basic ones could cost hundreds to thousand dollars and the price range can increase depending on the added features the fridge     has. You will also have to shoulder the shipping fee to have it delivered right into your house. Of course, a larger wine cooler will have a larger shipping cost.

What’s advisable is to look for stores that offer great discounts and coolers on sale. It usually happens during a certain season like the holidays. If you’re lucky enough, you could have your cooler free of shipping cost. You just have to compare prices and be wise about buying especially online.

Features and Quality

Different wine coolers have different qualities. A basic cooler can store your wine at the right temperature and humidity but there’s nothing to expect more than that. For more expensive and higher quality wine coolers, they offer different cooling zones appropriate for different types of wine.

There are other features to watch for when choosing a good quality wine cooler. That includes a pull-out shelving to accommodate different sizes of wine bottles, digital control panels, remote controls and UV-protected glass. Other high-end feature to look for is an alarm system that notifies if there is something wrong with the unit including some of its parts like the door, filter, temperature and so on.

A wise buyer should also observe if the shelf construction of the unit is fine and can hold a considerable amount of weight. If it looks like it is about to collapse, it not a good buy.

Size of a Wine Refrigerators

Looking at your kitchen can have you dreaming of a wine cooler that can hold enough bottles of your favorite wines. However, if you don’t have an idea how far this wine collection of your will go, collection specialists recommend that you start with a cooler with a 40 bottle capacity. It may be small but it is enough for novice collectors without compromising some space in the kitchen.

Basics of Wine Storage

Wine is a perishable drink. So keeping it inside a cellar or cooler is essential to preserve or enhance the taste and quality of the wine by the time you are ready to drink it.

The best tasting wines are always a result of proper aging and storage. If you plan to keep your wines more than a year, you may check some expert websites like  to invest in a good wine cooler.

Remember that wine starts to oxidize when the temperature level reaches 75 °F or 24 °C. So be sure to keep the temperature below that. For multi-wine collection, the ideal temperature needs to be at 54 °F. This temperature slows down the aging process.

It is also a must to keep the wines at a constant temperature to prevent premature aging. If you really have to change temperature, make sure to do it gradually like adjusting 3° per day and not more than 5° a year.

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