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car cleaningWhether you are paying for car wash service or you just consider doing it yourself, the entire process should be done with caution. Your car is a big investment that needs to be treasured, and probably this is something you already know. However, car washing pros use rotating buffers to clean and resurface the car paint with charcoal coated foam lags or wool pads. These machines are not meant to be used by anyone unless you are an experienced person with several years in the industry.

If you want your car to glow and ensure fine finishing is done professionally, take some of your precious time specifically for that job. Don’t just wake up in the Saturday morning and start detailing your car without proper planning. If you feel the project is somehow overwhelming, don’t hesitate to drive the car to a nearest car wash station.

But if you have the self-confidence to handle it, here are the tips to get you started.

Assess the interior and exterior of your car

Both interior and exterior of your car require equal care. The interior areas to be emphasized include rugs, dashboard, handles, carpet, and headliner. For the exterior, ensure the roof, hood, tires, and wheels are worked on. As I said earlier, you need to spare time for this job. Either the exterior or interior can start, but next day ensure you examine the few areas you missed.

Begin with an air compressor and a stiff brush

Firing an air compressor onto the crannies and nooks will blow the stuck dirt on the car’s floor onto the center of the carpets. When the dirt is collectively settled on the carpets, you can use a vacuum machine to empty it easily. Pick a stiff brush to loosen dirt from the upholsteries and carpets. However, an aloe conditioner is ideal for leather seats.

Bring some new smell by cleaning the ducts

Use a small air compressor to blow dirt and dust out of the air conditioning and heating ducts. Ensure a high-pressure air is directed to the duct walls at the back of vent grilles where dirt sticks and cause moldy smell. If the car has a cabin air filter, pull it down and blow the dirt out. This creates a new fresh smell in your car. If you need a different scent, there are different types of car fresheners in the market to choose from.

Clean car tires with non-acid based cleaners

cleaning the tyresThe experts usually use mixed acid solution for tire cleaning, as well as for stripping scum if your car has new tires. Brakes are also responsible for dust buildup on wheels, and the mixed acid solution helps get rid of the dust. If you are cleaning a car on your own, it is advisable to use non-acid products to prevent oxidation of the alloy wheels and damaging of original wheel paint or coating. So, a degreaser is suitable for your alloy wheels.

Apply both hand wash and pressure wash

Hand washing is required so that you can feel the car’s shape and familiarize with its surface. Air pressure washer is also ideal to clean those hard-to-reach areas, especially along the edges. But note that, dishwashing detergents can strip protective wax coating and expose your car to scratches and stains. So, use car wash solutions to preserve your car’s original finish.

Clean your car’s paint

This requires more than just a typical washing. You can determine whether your car needs paint wash by running your hand over the surface when dry. If it is rough, thorough cleaning is needed. You can use paint cleaners to remove scratched old wax and other chemicals bonding with your car’s paint. Rubbing physically using clay cleaner mixed with a lubricator wax cleaner is also a good option.

Polish for a shinier look

Polish for a shinier lookPolishing makes your car appear newer. You can use wax polishes or an oscillating polishing machine if you have it. At most car wash centers, the experts use the oscillating polishing machine. However, the machine has some bit of learning curve. So, ensure you know how to use it because it can destroy the paint if not appropriately used.

In conclusion, it is good to pay for car detailing and washing service if the paint is scratched down deep to the metal. The job requires a professional sanding and filling the scrapes. Experts can handle this kind of task and ensure the paint is blended well with the rest of the surface. Source: Car Outfitter.

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