Drywall Hanging

drywall tools
drywall tools

drywall tools

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Chapter 6
Drywall Hanging

  • Hanging drywall on ceilings
  • Hanging drywall on walls
  • Adhesives
  • Double layer applications
  • Placement of butted seams
  • Panel lifter
  • Wall sequence installation

Wall Sequence Installation
For illustration purposes, panel 1 have been cut 1/2 smaller then the opening. Panel 2, 3, and 4 have have each been cut 1/4 less then the opening. The panels have been installed in a clockwise direction and the only gap is between panel 1 and panel 4. Ideally, this gap would be no more then 1/8 inch.


Vertical & Horizontal Panel Example
In most applications the drywall panels are installed horizontally becuase it cuts down on the number of joints that you will have to tape.


Preferred Installation
In this example the walls are 10 feet tall. Start by installing the top panels first. Then install the bottom panels second. In the last step you would install “rips”. Often the rips end of being some odd measurement which you will have to cut with the aid of a chalk line.


Typical drywall panel installation - garage


Hanging the Ceiling

Hanging drywall is always easiest performed by two people. And hanging the ceiling by yourself is nearly impossible; but with the right tool it can be done alone. This very useful tool called FREE HANDS™ permits one person to perform the cumbersome task of hanging the ceiling by themselves.

View Video Clip for Free Hands

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