Building a Drywall Arch Opening

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Chapter 9
Building a Drywall Arch Opening

  • Arch opening
  • 1/4 inch drywall
  • 1.5 x 2.5 frame
  • Ready made arches

You can either buy a ready made arch online or build your own. Building your own arch is relatively easy and only requires a few basic tools and some time. By the time you receive your ready built arch in the mail, you could have build your own arch, saved a lot of money and completed your entire drywall project! See our drywall tools pictorial for drywall arch manufacturers.


STEP 1 - build the frame
If the unfinished walls are 3.5 inches as they usually are, start by building a frame for the opening. Use lumber with a finished measurement of 1.5 x 2.5 inches.


STEP 2 - attach the plywood face
Build the front and back face using 1/2 inch plywood and secure it to the frame in step 1 with drywall screws.


STEP 3 - install the arch in the door opening before attaching 1 x 2 lumber

Now mount the arch you just built in step 2 to the door opening. Use 3.5 inch drywall screws to secure it. Finish the inside radius of the arch by attaching 1 x 2 lumber with drywall screws spaced every 2 inches.


STEP 4 - install drywall to inside radius of the arch

Finish the inside radius of the arch with two layers of 1/4 inch drywall. Note that the drywall must first be soaked in water so that it does not break when you bend it. Fasten with drywall screws.


Ready-Made Arches - In the Spot Light

Fiber cement trim
Interior framing arch


How to Install Single
Unit Installation Instructions

A Single Unit Insta Arch® is "The Original Arch". A 16" through 48" single unit drywall accessory invented to create an archway that has never been made easier. Insta Arch® is always "A Perfect Arch In Fifteen Minutes".

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